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Anuchard - Retro Edition - Premium Edition Games #18 [Nintendo Switch]




September 20, 2024



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Unveil the Mysteries of Anuchard - Retro Edition - Premium Edition Games #18 for Nintendo Switch!

The Retro Edition features the essentials for any Anuchard enthusiast, including the Nintendo Switch physical case and game, a double-sided insert, full color manual, and a numbered challenge card for a limited challenge patch. Elevate your collection with the Hand-painted Full Color Glossy Slipcase.

Elevate your collection with the hand-painted full-color glossy slipcase. The retro edition also offers a nostalgic journey, bundling the Nintendo Switch physical case and game with all standard edition contents, a CD soundtrack, an art book, and an SNES-Style retro box, limited to just 500 copies.

Embark on an epic journey in Anuchard - a captivating adventure set in a world of wonder and peril! Delve into the depths of the Dungeon, confront treacherous Guardians, and restore the lost kingdom of Anuchard to its former glory. As the chosen Bellwielder, wield the power of the Audros Bell to overcome challenges, solve puzzles, and unravel the secrets of this magical realm.

Discover the secrets of Anuchard and embark on an unforgettable adventure - available for Nintendo Switch!


  • Master the Audros Bell as your trusty companion and essential tool for combat and puzzle-solving.
  • Utilize the bell's knock-back ability to strategically defeat enemies and clear obstacles.
  • Navigate the twisted corridors of the Dungeon, battling foes and unraveling its mysteries.
  • Confront the five traitorous Guardians to uncover the truth behind Anuchard's downfall.
  • Aid the villagers of Orchard by rescuing their lost souls and enlisting their help in your quest.
  • Prepare for deeper Dungeon expeditions with the assistance of revived villagers and culinary creations