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Dollhouse [PlayStation 4]



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In Dollhouse from Soedesco for the Sony PS4, you will be entering the mind of Marie, a detective trying to unravel her past. As she crawls deeper and deeper into her mind, she slowly discover that she might not be who she really thinks she is... 

Dollhouse's narrative adapts to the player's decisions based on what memories players kept or deleted to define who they were. All this is happening inside a world that reinvents ways players perceive horror in both single player and multiplayer modes utilizing suspense over jump scares.

Taking inspiration from the class and elegance of the 1940's and the bleak and haunting visuals of film noir, Dollhouse is not your average horror game...


  • Create Your Story - Collect Memories that you can use to piece your story together.
  • Dynamic Map Generation - Generates levels that randomizes everything so no playthrough will be the same. This system took years to perfect and is used in Singleplayer and Multiplayer modes.
  • Focus - A device that allows you to see through the eyes of your pursuer(s).
  • Extensive Customization - Over 40 unlockable Abilities and Passives that you can customize your character with. Mix and match them to create various combinations for different effects.
  • Multiplayer - Experience an intense Free-For-All game of cat and mouse with 14 playable nominees with unique abilities. Collect Memories while hunting down your assigned target while someone else is hunting you. Don’t go off script or else…