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Donut County Vinyl Soundtrack [Audio Vinyl]

by iam8bit




Q2 2024



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Dive into the deliciously chill vibes of Donut County with this must-have Vinyl Soundtrack.

 Crafted by composer Daniel Koestner, the soundtrack captures the essence of the game's whimsical world, blending serene acoustic strumming with funky beats and synth elements.

Experience euphoria-inducing melodies scientifically* designed to uplift your spirits and transport you to a colorful and cool atmosphere. Each track collages together a delightful array of stringed instruments, creating a sonic landscape that is as mesmerizing as it is immersive.

The vinyl jacket unfolds to reveal a massive 48 inches of illustrated deliciousness, adding a visually stunning dimension to your listening experience. Whether you're a fan of the game or simply appreciate great music, this Vinyl Soundtrack is a must-have addition to your collection.

Order now and treat yourself to the hole story of Donut County, one spin at a time.

*Scientific evidence not guaranteed, but highly probable...

Track List 

A1 Garbage Day 2:47
A2 Slackers 1:39
A3 Breaking Ground 3:40
A4 Holes 3:14
A5 Pup's Odyssey 3:01
A6 Trash Is Treasure 2:44
A7 999ft Below 2:28
A8 Lazy River 2:52
B1 Popcorn 2:27
B2 Nesting 3:08
B3 Kindling 2:19
B4 Owned 3:18
B5 Bird Of Paradise 3:25
B6 Migration 2:33
B7 Bandit 2:16
B8 Broken 2:41
C1 Honey 1:46
C2 Salt & Pep 3:58
C3 BK Squad 2:17
C4 Landmark 1:51
C5 Hollow Earth! 1:41
C6 Quack Anthem 0:41
C7 Fun Flume 2:36
C8 405 South 2:40
C9 Mira's Song 2:32
C10 Hackers 2:06
D1 Raccoon House Music 2:00
D2 Study Beats 2:18
D3 TK Method 2:44
D4 Trash King 2:13
D5 Boss Fight 1:50
D6 Falling 2:56
D7 The Pickle 2:43
D8 Trashopedia 1:47
D9 Reunion 2:47
D10 Sandcastle 2:17