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Endling Extinction Is Forever [Xbox One]




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Immerse yourself in the heart-wrenching world of "Endling: Extinction Is Forever," an eco-conscious adventure that portrays the devastating effects of human impact through the eyes of the last mother fox on Earth.

Your mission is to ensure the survival of her three vulnerable cubs in a world ravaged by mankind. As you explore Endling's beautifully crafted 3D side-scrolling environment, you'll witness firsthand the consequences of human activity on nature's most precious resources. Will the last mother fox be able to save her cubs and find a haven in a world where extinction seems inevitable? 

Discover the emotional and thought-provoking story of survival in Endling: Extinction Is Forever...


  • Survival Adventure: Experience a poignant journey as the last mother fox, striving to protect and nurture her three cubs in a harsh, decaying world.

  • Dynamic World: Explore a richly detailed 3D side-scrolling landscape that evolves and deteriorates with the impact of human activities.

  • Cub Development: Feed and care for your cubs, watch them grow, develop unique personalities, and face their fears as they progress through each level.

  • Stealth and Strategy: Use the cover of night to sneak through dangerous areas, find food, and move your litter to safer places. Plan your actions carefully to ensure the safety of your family.

  • Rest and Plan: Spend days resting in improvised shelters, and use these moments to strategize your next moves, balancing risk and reward.