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Honor and Duty: All Out War Edition [PlayStation 4 - VR Compatible]



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Honor and Duty: All Out War Edition - PSVR
Honor and Duty: All Out War Edition - PSVR

Honor and Duty: All Out War Edition from Perp Games for the Sony PS4 comes bundled with Honor and Duty Arcade Edition and Honor and Duty D-Day, complete with single player and multiplayer modes.

Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition

Fast paced, arcade style, FPS action awaits in this World War II based shooter. Traditional FPS gameplay is joined with some elements of RTS base building to provide a unique FPS experience.

You’ll be able to choose between four classes of characters, including the Infantry, Medic, Heavy and Engineer, each offering you a different way to play. These are all gradually unlocked as you’re promoted throughout the game.

By killing enemies in battle, you earn in-game currency which can then be used to purchase guns from your supply crate located in your base, containing weapons such as rocket launchers, machine guns and rifles.

Soldiers can also be trained to fight alongside you in battle as you tackle unique objectives often involving wave-based action!

Honor and Duty: All Out War Edition - PSVR

Honor and Duty D-Day

Honor and Duty: D-Day is an online PVP shooter set during the D-Day landing in World War II. Players compete in Team Death Match, Domination, and Free For All matches or in a separate Battle Royale mode.

Online games feature 16 v 16 matches (32 player FFA/BR) in a fast paced environment Players can drive tanks and jeeps across large maps in search of the enemy. Players rank up to unlock access to all 4 player classes which each have different abilities.

Honor and Duty: All Out War Edition - PSVR

With an improved party system, additional maps, and new weapons, Honor and Duty: D-Day is the biggest online multiplayer experience on PlayStation VR!


  • New Campaign Mode - An All-New Campaign Mode is being added to D-Day!
  • Two Games in One - Get both D-Day and a Remastered Honor and Duty Arcade Edition.
  • Biggest Multiplayer Game On PSVR - Compete against 32 other players in Deathmatch and Battle Royale modes.