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Metal Max Xeno [PlayStation 4]



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The solitary RPG that has spanned a quarter of a century. A new chapter begins on it's 25th anniversary. The year is 209X. This era truly is the "Century's End." Get your copy of Metal Max Xeno published by NIS America for the Sony PS4 from Shopville today.

This true post-apocalyptic RPG about the last human monster hunters takes place at the ruined "Death Tokio" which was once an Asian metropolis in the year 2099. Players will go on monster hunts aided by their steel vehicles!

The land, once known as the Asian metropolis "TOKIO," is now dominated by monsters and has become a dead wasteland facing desertification. First, the player will need to search the nearby area for remaining survivors.

Machines, biotechnology and great monsters! Hunt down the monsters by customizing your vehicle!

When it comes to METAL MAX, tank customization is everything. Even against monsters that are impossible to withstand physically, hunter tanks will be able to defeat them!

There can be a wide range of customizations for each tank, including modifying the weapon, engine and the chassis. Besides the R Wolf, Monster Buggy and chassis that appeared throughout the series, a new type of chassis like the PLT-01 will be introduced as well. Personalize your favorite chassis and stand up against the powerful monsters!

New in the series! SoNs, a new type of hazardous monster!

SoNs (Sons of NOA) is a large type of mechanical monster series born from the result of a new signal about "eliminating humans" released from the "Artificial Intelligence NOA" which is the main cause for human's decline. They are clearly different from all other monsters having a clear intention about exterminating the human race and acting upon it. There will be other monsters from the series too... So prepare well against these tough enemies!

Your aimless journey across the wastelands comes to an end as you arrive at the Iron Base. You are humanity's last monster hunter...


  • Explore the barren desert, salvage new tanks, and upgrade them using over hundreds of parts! Customize your tanks with fresh paint and the strongest firepower you can find.
  • The world has been devastated by a mother computer in its plan to eradicate humankind. Explore the vast desert and unite with remaining survivors to rise against crazed machines and deadly mutants.
  • NOA's forces will track you down wherever you are! Make a preemptive strike from inside your tank when your foes appear, or disembark and explore dangerous strongholds on foot with your allies.