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Orbis [Board Game, 2-4 Players]

by Asmodee



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Take on the role of a god and craft the best universe in Orbis from Asmodee and Space Cowboys! 

Orbis is a tactical game of world building and strategic resource management. Players take on the role of gods creating their best universes. The rules are simple, but there is a wealth of strategic decisions to consider.


Lands populated with worshipers are lost in the ether. Select and assemble these regions to create your own world. Vilalges, monuments, forests, rivers, or even volcanoes, it's up to you to create the most beautiful universe.

Manage your worshipers to get the most attractive regions and incarnate the best god. Each region is unique and has its own characteristics. Don't forget that each god has specific requirements.


The key to victory lies in having the most Creation Points at the end of the game!


  • For 2-4 players.
  • 45 minutes of gameplay.
  • Players expand their universe with beautifully illustrated Region Tiles. Every Region has 3 forms and offers unique abilities.
  • If Worshippers aren’t available for a Region, the tile will flip to its Wilderness side, losing its unique abilities and costing the player Creation Points.
  • Players begin with a blank universe. They’ll choose Regions, attract worshippers, and select a god in hopes of earning the most Creation Points to win the game.
  • A new universe isn’t complete without a God Tile. Each one offers a unique ability that helps develop a player’s strategy or give them the extra points they need to win!
  • Universe construction requires careful planning. Regions must connect to the same type when adding levels, and some tiles have additional requirements to earn Creation Points.