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Pretty Girls Game Collection 3 [PlayStation 4]



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Pretty Girls Game Collection 3
Pretty Girls Game Collection 3

The 3rd edition to the popular lewd puzzle series Pretty Girls, gets physical on the Sony PS4! Pretty Girls Game Collection 3 from Funbox Media and eastasiasoft includes Pretty Girls Breakers!, Pretty Girls Rivers, Pretty Girls Speed and Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold’em games!

Each edition has unique benefits and offers considerable value to physical collectors. The PlayStation 4 physical edition of Pretty Girls Game Collection III will feature all content from the original digital releases.

Pretty Girls Breakers!

Bust bricks to collect cute outfits!

Classic brick-breaking action gets a cute and cuddly twist in Pretty Girls Breakers! In this classic arcade-style action puzzler, take the role of a twin-tailed fighter wielding a beam saber. You’ll have to strike incoming balls with precision to destroy block patterns above you, all while avoiding enemy attacks and collecting power-ups to gain the upper hand!

Across more than 20 challenging stages, you’ll need to adapt to new blocks and enemy types, strategizing to clear them from the field without losing all of your hearts or running out of time! As stages are cleared, your female companions’ outfits will gradually change. If you succeed in battle, new outfits will be revealed and unlocked for viewing anytime in the alluring Dressing Room mode. Can you collect them all?

Pretty Girls Rivers

Match tiles quickly to dress up the girls!

Tile-matching action gets a new alluring twist in Pretty Girls Rivers! In this fast-paced puzzler, you’ll need to find pairs of tiles similar tomahjong solitaire, but instead of having stacks to clear, Rivers is all about patterns, obstacles and beating the clock. All tiles are revealed and easy to see, allowing you to strategically select pairs and avoid getting trapped. Quick-thinking combos will earn higher scores! And if you don’t feel like racing the clock, switch to easy mode for hints, shuffle assists and a more relaxed play style.

For every 4 play fields you clear in Pretty Girls Rivers, new outfits will be revealed for your female companions. There are 6 beautiful challengers to meet, all voiced in Japanese and sporting a wardrobe ranging from casual and cute to cool and sexy! Unlocked outfits become available for viewing anytime in an enhanced Dressing Room mode. Will you collect them all?

Pretty Girls Speed

Face off against cute opponents in quick card battles!

A new type of game joins the popular Pretty Girls lineup! In Pretty Girls Speed, you’ll be pitted against a wide variety of dauntingly gorgeous challengers as you try to claim victory as quickly as possible. Play cards that are sequentially added to the ones on the table, or if you don’t have any to use, you’ll automatically have more dealt to you. Be the first to get rid of all your cards, and you win!

Pretty Girls Speed may be quick and intuitive, but it’s also a challenge that requires both skill and a little luck! Try your hand at two different game modes, each with increasing difficulty. In Battle Mode, you’ll select a character to play against and try to be first to win two out of three rounds. But be careful! With each opponent that you defeat, your next will be even stronger. In Challenge Mode, you’ll have to conquer all 100 levels. Do you have what it takes to claim the “Speed” throne?

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold'em

Enter a casino of summertime beauty!

Classic Texas Hold’em gets a naughty twist at the Pretty Girls casino, where you’re invited to play at tables against 16 lovely challengers, all dolled up in cute summer outfits! Each female opponent has her own look and unique style of play, along with Japanese voiceovers to let you feel their excitement in the intense poker battles. Start out against 4 of these gorgeous players and unlock more as you prove your skills worthy of new challengers.

Pretty Girls Game Collection 3

There are 2 game modes to choose from – In Pretty Mode, you’ll collect rewards as you defeat random opponents, while in Free Play Mode, you can customize the experience by choosing which of the unlocked girls will join your table. With so many characters to meet, plus traditional mechanics that are fun and familiar, this is an alluring experience that you can revisit time and time again!

Pretty Girls Game Collection 3


  • Pretty Girls Breakers!
    • Master more than 20 unique battle stages!
    • Chain successful strikes to earn speed and power boosts.
    • Strategize on the fly to smash different block types!
    • Meet 7 female characters with cute animal features.
    • Unlock new outfits for casual viewing in Dressing Room mode!
  • Pretty Girls Rivers
    • Match tiles in puzzle action that’s easy to learn and fun to master!
    • Clear dozens of stages with unique tile patterns and obstacles.
    • Unlock outfits to dress up the female challengers!
    • Meet 6 lovely ladies voiced in Japanese.
    • Assemble dioramas using newly enhanced Dressing Room features!
  • Pretty Girls Speed
    • Compete in fast-paced battles and be the first to get rid of your cards!
    • Play cards that connect sequentially to those on the table.
    • Challenge 10 female characters, all voiced in Japanese!
    • Test your skills in 2 different game modes.
    • Meet more powerful opponents as you progress!
  • Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold'em
    • Engage in poker battles using popular Texas Hold’em rules!
    • Meet and unlock 16 Pretty Girls.
    • Discover multiple play modes!
    • Strategize based on your opponents’ personalities.
    • Enjoy enticing voiceovers and outfits unique to each girl!