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Project Starship [PlayStation 4]



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Project Starship
Project Starship

Project Starship from Red Art games for the Sony PS4 is an arcade bullet-hell with random mechanics.

Project Starship

No match will ever be the same. Who will you be? Garret or Gwen? Will you save the world from the mighty Cthulhu?

Guide your hero trough storms of bullets, challenge demons and gods, in an epic and adrenaline fueled fight with the unknown, where everything is obscure and arcane.

Project Starship

Dive deeper to confront the hidden eye that watches over all!


  • Save the world from an ancient evil.
  • Choose to play a male or female pilot.
  • Dive into the unknown and defeat the Hidden Eye!
  • Evade, adapt and blast your way through a randomized galaxy.
  • Challenge evil gods and mad demons in full-screen bullet hell shoot 'em up action!