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Rolling Sky Collection [Nintendo Switch]

by Leoful



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Rolling Sky Collection
Rolling Sky Collection

The Rolling Sky Collection from Leoful for the Nintendo Switch contains two award winning rhythm music games, Rolling Sky and Rolling Sky 2.

The Rolling Sky series are rhythm music games where the player movies a steel ball to dodge various obstacles in a 3D world. The graphics and effects change according to the music.

Rolling Sky

Rolling Sky is a ball running game that combines rhythm and fun. Control the ball to avoid obstacles and do not fall! Experience the stories in every soundtrack. Challenge your speed and showcase your reaction time! Stunning 3D effects, easy to operate, simply steer the ball to dodge the obstacles and conquer the world!

Rolling Sky Collection

Rolling Sky 2

Rolling Sky 2 is a Running Game that combines music and story. Do you remember that the Parkour's pleasure and excitement through simple fingertips swipes in Rolling Sky? The sequel "Rolling Sky 2" will bring you more visual and auditory feasts.

Rolling Sky Collection

Enter an impressive dream journey in the thrilling musical rhythm challenge!


  • Rolling Sky
    • Stunning 3D visual effects.
    • Easy to operate but challenging.
    • Abundant game scenes, each scene presents a brand new challenge.
    • Multiple songs that change along with the game scenes, enjoy the spectacular effects brought by the music.
  • Rolling Sky 2
    • Developed by top international music producers and in cooperation with the European Symphony Orchestra, more than 70 musicians have been invited to produce film-grade music in the game.
    • With just a click, the player can move the character, dodge obstacles to the music rhythm, and trigger the mechanism to jump. With the simple operation, novices can get started quickly; for advanced players, there are also hard modes to challenge their own reaction limits.
    • The original intention is to create a playable animated movie, while presenting beautiful pictures and impressive original music. Every moment when the character moves forward, the 3D scenery around him changes. The player is like being in the same world as the character and taking fantasy adventure together.
    • There are currently 12 levels, each of which is a separate story. The explorers who travel around the world in search of home, the dolls who dare to challenge fate in pursuit of freedom, the bonnie and Clyde who fight for treasure, and so on. Players can enter the world of the characters and experience their stories in the game.