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Scribblenauts Collection [Nintendo DS DSi]



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Scribblenauts Collection
Scribblenauts Collection

Get ready for a gaming experience that’s as big as your imagination with the Scribblenauts Collection from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for Nintendo DS and DSi.

Includes Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts, the best-selling, award-winning puzzle games on a single game cartridge.


Scribblenauts is the completely original gameplay experience that anyone can enjoy. Players use the Nintendo DS touch-screen to help their character Maxwell acquire the “Starite” in each level by solving a series of puzzles armed with their stylus, notepad and imagination.

Players jot down the word for any object that comes to mind in order to reach the goal. Every object behaves as it would in the real world, and players can combine countless objects to create completely new scenarios.

Super Scribblenauts

Super Scribblenauts expands the innovative elements from the acclaimed first title with many inventive new features, including an adjectives system that allows players to push the limits of their imagination. Players have the ability to use thousands of adjectives to can change the color, size, style, behaviors and many other aspects of objects to help Maxwell.

Scribblenauts Collection

Players can utilize multi-layered hints, a new dynamic merit system and a universal feedback system to allow them to track their progress throughout each level. A template system allows players to easily build their own custom playgrounds or levels in the updated level editor to create both puzzle and action levels and share them via the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Connection.

Scribblenauts Collection

Unlock your imagination and experience a truly original concept that challenges you to write anything as you attempt to solve everything!


  • Everyone Can Play - Pick-up-and-play fun for everyone.
  • Playground Mode - Play the entire game in a sandbox style right on the title screen.
  • Touch-Screen Controls - Easy to pick up and play on Nintendo DS. If you can tap, you can play!
  • Updated Control Schemes - Four different control systems let players customize their gameplay preferences.
  • Create Your Own Interactive Experience - Objects you write down in the game are only limited by your imagination.
  • Create and Share Levels Online - Share levels you create with the Level Editor via Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Unlimited Replay Value - Use less objects to increase your score, or experiment with different objects for endless replay value. Write anything, solve everything!
  • Explore Exciting Levels - Discover more than 340 in-depth levels that include task such as finding a cure for the plague, populating an office or identifying animals with shells.
  • Creative Adjectives System - With Super Scribblenauts, create a shy green polar bear or an angry zombie pear with more than 10,000 adjectives that reflect real life behaviors, personalities and characteristics when applied to objects.