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Shadowgate - Limited Run #333 [PlayStation 4]



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Shadowgate - Limited Run #333
Shadowgate - Limited Run #333

Nearly 30 years after the original version premiered on the Macintosh, Shadowgate returns, from Abstraction and Limited Run Games for the Sony PS4, fully re-imagined and updated for today’s gaming landscape.

Shadowgate is one of the most well-known and beloved adventure titles in gaming history. It quickly endeared players with its fantastic atmospheric soundtrack, perilous locations to progress through, countless puzzles to solve, and more ways to gruesomely die than gamers previously thought possible.

Thrust into the role of “The Seed of Prophecy”, players travel deep into the castle, in hopes of defeating the evil that dwells within – the dreaded Warlock Lord.

That legendary adventure has been redesigned from the ground up, adding in tons of new mind-bending puzzles, lots of new rooms with stunning hand-painted 2D graphical details, and more objects to interact with.

This new console version builds upon the massively re-imagined remake of the original Shadowgate and features a refined user interface and intuitive wheel-based icon command system to help players along on their quest.

Shadowgate - Limited Run #333

There are also plenty of throwbacks to the original version, so veterans and newcomers alike will all relish their journey through Shadowgate... if they survive. Get ready brave adventurer, the Living Castle awaits!

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  • Soundscapes - A complete atmospheric and puzzle-based sound design featuring hundreds of sound effects.
  • Mind-bending Puzzles - Lots of new and updated puzzles that seamlessly expand on the original game.
  • First Person Adventuring - Utilize your inventory, mapping system, and intuitive UI to complete your quest.
  • Cinematic Score - A digitally-orchestrated, dynamic soundtrack that changes with gameplay by composer Rich Douglas.
  • Storytelling - Shadowgate features dramatic cut-scenes and all the same great storytelling you expect from the original creators.
  • Dangerous Dungeons - Tons of beautifully illustrated rooms featuring both new and familiar locations, offering a new gameplay experience.
  • Retro Mode - Play the game like it’s 1989! Toggle on to listen to Hiroyuki Masuno’s original chiptunes, move between rooms with pixelated transitions and follow the text in retro format.
  • Difficulty Levels - Four different difficulty levels (from the novice to expert) that actually change the gameplay experience and puzzle structure. For the ultimate challenge, try Ironman mode that disables saves and requires players to finish the game in one try.