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Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game 2.0 - TIE/ln Fighter Expansion Pack [Board Game, 2 Players]



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The TIE/ln Fighter Expansion Pack for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Second Edition from Fantasy Flight Games includes one beautifully pre-painted miniature and all the ship and upgrade cards you need to incorporate this flying terror into your Imperial squadron.

In addition, the TIE/ln Fighter Expansion Pack contains a few entirely new cards that have never before appeared in the game's first edition. These new cards and associated punchboard are also included in the Galactic Empire Conversion Kit for the benefit of veteran players!

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Few sounds can strike fear into the heart of a starfighter pilot like the howl of an incoming group of Imperial TIE/ln fighters. The iconic fighter of the Galactic Empire, the TIE’s namesake twin ion engines deliver impressive speed and pinpoint maneuverability. Although its lightweight frame lacks deflector shields or a hyperdrive, its affordability allows the Empire to deploy TIE fighters in great numbers to crush any Rebel resistance.


  • As a unit ideally suited for flying in large groups and raining fire down upon enemy ships, the TIE fighter forms the backbone of many Imperial squadrons. Flying in a tight formation can help you quickly pile damage on a target, and many TIE pilots included in this expansion help enhance this strategy. Adding "Howlrunner" to your squadron, for example, enables squadmates at close range to reroll an attack die, giving them a chance to deal even more damage.
  • These swarm tactics are enhanced by taking precise shots. For example, a TIE pilot who can get an enemy ship in the new bullseye firing arc printed on every ship token can take a Crack Shot to cancel one of the defender’s evade results. Or, if they’re really good, they can show off their Marksmanship to deal more damage than usual.
  • Dominate the Galaxy - With several Galactic Empire expansions arriving at launch, this is your chance to round out your squadron and rule the galaxy with an iron fist.