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The Callisto Protocol [PlayStation 5]

by Krafton




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Embark on a journey into terror with The Callisto Protocol, an innovative survival horror experience designed exclusively for PlayStation 5 by Glen Schofield.

Set on the desolate moon of Jupiter, Callisto, in the year 2320, players will delve into the mysteries of the United Jupiter Company while navigating the eerie confines of the Black Iron Prison.

As protagonist Jacob Lee, players must confront the chilling transformation of inmates into monstrous creatures, fighting for survival against grotesque adversaries. Every encounter is a visceral struggle, with players forced to hack off limbs and blast through obstacles to stay alive.

Amidst the isolation of Callisto's landscape, players will uncover ancient secrets hidden beneath the moon's surface while scavenging for weapons, gear, and abilities to combat the evolving threat. With a narrative-driven approach, players must adapt their tactics to outmaneuver the growing danger and escape the horrors of Jupiter's Dead Moon. Are you ready to face your fears in The Callisto Protocol?

Unleash your courage and prepare to face the nightmares lurking in the depths of The Callisto Protocol on PlayStation 5!


  • Next-Gen Survival Horror: The Callisto Protocol redefines terror with Glen Schofield's vision.
  • Unravel Mysteries: Discover secrets hidden on the desolate moon Callisto.
  • Brutal Combat: Strategically dismantle grotesque foes to survive.
  • Isolation and Terror: Navigate the hostile Black Iron Prison on Jupiter's moon.
  • Gripping Narrative: Play as Jacob Lee, fighting to escape the horrors of Callisto.
  • Adapt and Survive: Scavenge for gear to outsmart evolving threats and secure your freedom.